Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~ Blue And White Morning ~

I woke up earlier then usual this morning... sometimes I need to do this simply because I enjoy the quietness of the morning, and because last night I took out all my blue and white china just because I am in the mood for blue and white, and the inspiration to that came from a lovely hand made quilt I purchased at the thrift store last week.... next week I may be in the mood for lavender or pink. Depends what or who may inspire me... I'm sure many of you can relate to this.
I just wanted to share some lovely pictures of my blue and white morning.

Pear blossoms and pansies and a cup of anise tea.
My new queen size quilt. Hand stitched and in perfect condition with no stains or tears. And the price unbelievable.... I think they might have  made a mistake on this one. It was marked $14.00, but at the register she said all linens are %50 off today! :) paid $7.00 and could not believe it. Machine washed it on gentle cycle and  love it so much.

Spring blossoms are the best.

...Well this is my inspiration for today.
Wishing everyone a creative and fun day.
Be inspired!!


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  1. Very beautiful. I love blue and white and this is certainly stunning. What a find with that quilt.

  2. OHHH goodness me I am in LOVE with your photos! I can't believe that quilt either and the price you got it for! Amazing, you were so lucky and at the right place at the right time! Anywhere else it could have cost $100 or more! If you ever want to sell it, I will buy it for $8.00 LOL just kidding! I would love one just like it though. That blue is so dreamy and with your china, what wonderful, lovely photo's you took! Looks right out of a magazine!

  3. Your photos are stunningly beautiful. Truly does look right out of a magazine! I'm envious of your photography skills! :)