Friday, May 10, 2013

~ Getting Ready For The Rose Bowl Flea ~

Hello, hope you are having a lovely day.
I have been busy getting things ready for the Rose Bowl Flea market this Sunday. I have been Painting, organizing, and hand washing some lovely vintage linens for the show. I will be taking lots of furniture this time.
I wanted to share this piece with you... well because... I kind of got attached to it :) If I keep it, that means I have to change everything in the guest room... I would have to repaint the walls in creamy white, maybe change the drapes to something with pale pink and cream stripes... all the linens and other furniture pieces would also be white... she will be the center of attention, the focal point of the room... hmmm I may also need to find some vintage turquoise crystals for the chandelier...
I found this dresser few months ago. It sat at a curbside for couple of weeks in the rain. It was four blocks away from my house
Every time I passed by it my eye went straight to the lovely shaped top drawer. I couldn't believe no one was interested... well finally I brought it home. At this point it was in bad condition, all the veneers were coming off and needed some wood patching here and there. And after all that hard work I think she well deserved this makeover!
It will be hard parting with her... so I thought I will do a farewell post on her. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

After all the veneers were removed and all the repairs were done I painted her in mustard gold and then in this yummy soft turquoise color.

I love how it looks so lovely with white linens...
This chair will make it to the flea market next time. I bought it two days ago so I want to keep it for a while  :)
I love whites and creams and greys a lot, but sometimes I crave color. I love the bohemian look and I include that in my shabby decorating time to time.
Love old books. I  love the faded color ones and I don't mind it at all if they are falling apart. I will bring them home with me.
My hand painted roses are far from perfect. I try my best to make them pretty, but according to my mom and my children they are the most beautiful roses they have seem :)

Baskets and love letters.
...and that's the story of my curbside dresser! Maybe I will put a high price on it so no one will purchase it... hehe
Wishing you a lovely weekend! With love always,

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  1. Oh she is DARLING!! Love the color and roses on the drawers. That would be hard to part with.
    Hope the flea goes well for you,
    Mary Alice

  2. Wow, absolutely love the color of that dresser!! I love how everything mixes so well and is so vibrant in color!!
    Beautiful post and best of luck at the Rose Bowl!

  3. i'm with your family--LOVE your painted flowers:) hope the flea was a great day!